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Save up to 15% on high performance cleaning bundles >
Save up to 15% on high performance cleaning bundles >


Deep Cleaning Chemicals - Unilever Professional India

Deep Cleaning Chemicals

Unilever Professional offers a range of deep cleaning chemicals, which are specifically designed to remove tough dirt and stains from surfaces in commercial and industrial settings. One popular product in this line is Vim, a heavy-duty cleaning chemical that is effective at removing stubborn dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces including pots and pans, countertops, and floors. Vim can cut through grease and grime and is also non-toxic making it safe for use in food-preparation areas.

Another product in the Unilever Professional deep cleaning line is Domex, a disinfectant cleaner that is effective at killing germs and bacteria on hard surfaces. It is particularly useful in environments where hygiene is a concern, such as hospitals, schools, and restaurants. Domex products kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact, making it a suitable cleaning product for surfaces, including tiles, countertops, and floors.

Unilever Professional's deep cleaning chemicals are an effective and reliable choice for professionals looking to keep their workplaces clean and hygienic. With a range of products designed to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks, Unilever Professional has a solution for almost any cleaning challenge.

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