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April Newsletter 2023 - Unilever Professional India

April Newsletter 2023

Are you harming your customers with trans-fatty acids?  

Over the past few years there has been a growing interest in eliminating trans-fatty acids (TFA) because these fats are extremely unhealthy - WHO estimates that the consumption of these fats cause around 500,000 deaths each year due to coronary heart disease. 

The UN aims to eliminate TFA by 2023. So far TFA elimination is mostly concentrated in higher-income countries, the Americas and Europe. WHO states that the introduction of best-practice policies in South-East Asia could save an estimated 178,600 lives per year.

India and the Philippines are leading the TFA elimination charge as the first two middle income countries to establish a best-practice policy. A best-practice policy means there is a national limit of industrially produced TFA, and a ban on the production or use of PHO, as an ingredient in all foods. India’s policy began in January 2022 and is estimated to offer protection to approximately 1.4 billion people, which makes up 41% of the population in lower-middle income countries.

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