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Dishwash Liquid - Unilever Professional India

Dish Wash Liquid

Dishwashing liquid detergent for businesses is essential for keeping dishes, pots, and pans clean and sanitary. Dish wash liquid is a detergent that is specially formulated to remove grease and grime from kitchenware. It is available in liquid or gel forms. When purchasing dish wash liquid, businesses should consider the type of surfaces that need to be cleaned. For instance, tougher dish wash liquids may be needed for stainless steel surfaces, while milder detergents may be used for other materials such as plastic and glass.

When using dish wash liquid, proper safety precautions should be taken. Always read the label and follow the instructions carefully. Wear the appropriate protective gear such as gloves when handling chemicals. Additionally, businesses should consider using anti-bacterial dish wash liquids, which are designed to reduce the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms.