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Laundry Supplies - Unilever Professional India

Laundry Supplies

Unilever Professional offers a range of highly effective and cost-efficient brands like Surf, Comfort and Rin designed to keep your designed to keep your business’ linens clean and fresh. Surf is one of our most popular detergents that can be used for both top-loading and front-loading washing machines. Surf's detergents are designed to remove stains and brighten colours, leaving clothes clean and fresh.

Comfort is a fabric conditioner that leaves lines soft with a pleasant scent, as well as extending the life of the fabric. Surf and Comfort can be used together in a business or commercial setting, including hotels, hospitals, schools, and colleges. Whether you're looking to remove tough stains or just want to add a little extra softness to your clothes, Unilever Professional has a laundry product that can help achieve excellent results for your business.