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Unilever Professional: Revolutionizing Kitchen Cleaning with Integrated Solutions - Unilever Professional India

Unilever Professional: Revolutionizing Kitchen Cleaning with Integrated Solutions

 In a recent article published in the Clean India Journal, Unilever Professional’s kitchen cleaning solutions were highlighted as the perfect recipe for maintaining spotless and hygienic commercial kitchens. The article emphasizes the significance of kitchen cleanliness in driving customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and compliance with food safety and hygiene standards.

According to a survey conducted by POSist, a cloud-based restaurant tech platform, cleanliness and food safety take precedence over price for 80% of consumers when choosing a restaurant. To underscore this, the article refers to the voluntary hygiene rating scheme by FSSAI, which acts as a benchmark for compliance with food safety and hygiene regulations.

Unilever Professional’s range of cleaning products - Vim Hand Dishwash Liquid, Cif All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, Cif Kitchen Degreaser, and Cif Oven & Grill Cleaner - are presented as powerful solutions to the challenge of maintaining a pristine kitchen. These products follow the “Better Clean, Better Business” mantra, ensuring a sparkling clean, germ-free kitchen for commercial establishments.

The Vim Hand Dishwash Liquid effortlessly removes burnt-on food, leaving dishes spotless and the kitchen smelling fresh. The Cif Glass Cleaner Concentrate, which ensures streak-free glass surfaces, helps maintain transparency and cleanliness. The article also commends the Cif All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner’s ability to deal with tough soils on food contact surfaces, leaving them sparkling and residue-free. In addition, the Cif Kitchen Degreaser effectively tackles heavy-duty grease and oil removal, while the Cif Oven & Grill Cleaner deals with encrusted carbon and tough deposits.

These powerful and safe cleaning chemicals are conveniently packaged in 5 Litre concentrates and 450 ml ready-to-use spray bottles. The article concludes by praising Unilever Professional’s kitchen cleaning solutions for their effectiveness, easy-to-use application, and safe usage in food preparation areas, making them game-changers for commercial kitchens.

Reference: Clean India Journal, “Perfect recipe for kitchen cleaning is here,” 15 May 2023.

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