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A Checklist Guide to Achieving a Clean Establishment - Unilever Professional India

A Checklist Guide to Achieving a Clean Establishment

Maintaining high cleanliness standards is a challenge in itself for every establishment. From maintaining shiny lobby floors and spotless glass facades to ensuring guests are greeted by clean and fresh guest rooms and restrooms, hotel cleaning is an on-going daily activity that can become overwhelming. 

A recent TripAdvisor survey demonstrated that 65% of the respondents were more likely to book accommodation based on their online reviews and recommendations. Cleanliness and hygiene were highlighted as one of the most significant factors influencing these hotel reviews, regardless of the property size, brand affiliation or location.

Since hotel cleanliness is firmly tied to hotel success, it is important to ensure your hotel has an effective cleaning strategy in place that enables you to operate to the highest possible standards, without straining budgets.

To help you get started, we have put together a checklist of key areas to cover when cleaning, which you can easily customise to suit your hotel needs.

Practice Good Hand Hygiene

The start of good cleaning practices in any establishment starts with good hand hygiene. Investing in a product like is a cost effective way to ensure your business is doing everything it can to ensure the highest standard of hygiene.

With a 70% alcohol content, Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Liquid kills 99.99% of germs*, such as bacteria, instantly protecting your staff and customers with a quick-drying, moisturising formula.

*As per lab test

Greet Your Guests with a Clean Room

The cleanliness of hotel rooms plays a critical role in customer satisfaction. Guests expect the highest standards of cleanliness irrespective of hotel type. To add to this, the average number of rooms serviced has drastically increased from 10-14 rooms to 16- 19 rooms per day.

Customers are always looking for quicker turnovers and expect cleaning to be done quickly. Preparing a hotel room for a new guest can take twice as long as cleaning a room for a guest who is staying over. Having a good cleaning strategy can help to minimise the time taken.

Dusting will help you clean the room in a more efficient manner. Cleaning and disinfecting all the horizontal surfaces, like tables and slabs, glass surfaces, doors and handles where dust and germs can collect, is also crucial. Since guest rooms can harbour different types of germs and bacteria, it is critical that they are cleaned frequently to maintain a clean and odour-free environment.

Domex Disinfectant Multi-Surface Cleaner cleans on most surfaces and removes most stains. A quick spray is a fast and simple daily cleaning solution that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, leaving surfaces shining bright with a pleasant fragrance.


Keep Your Guest Bathrooms Spotless

The typical way to gauge an establishment’s cleanliness is the restroom. Bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and sources for cross-contamination; so it is crucial to keep these areas clean and sanitised to ensure your guests enjoy a pleasant stay. Disinfecting your sinks, taps and bathtubs is imperative. Make sure your cleaning regimen includes a powerful disinfecting bathroom cleaner that gets the job done right!

Domex Disinfectant Multi-Surface Cleaner eradicates all stains and odours quickly and effectively so your customers can enjoy a clean and fresh bathroom.


Keep Kitchens Sanitary and Clean

Regular cleaning and disinfection of all visible surfaces, especially surfaces that diners and kitchen staff frequently come into contact with, can help prevent germ and bacteria build-up. It is also important to sweep, mop and disinfect kitchen floors and other parts of the restaurant floors daily to get rid of unsightly shoe prints, grease and other dirt or dust which have accumulated during service hours.

Dishes and other cooking utensils should be washed thoroughly to remove any food or oil stains and sanitised to rid them of germs to help prevent spreading foodborne illnesses.

Domex Disinfectant Multi-Surface Cleaner is a multipurpose solution for your kitchen. A quick spray of it  is fast acting and highly effective on daily kitchen dirt, degreasing quickly and easily, leaving floors and surfaces sparkling clean.


Keep Floors Grease-Free

One of the biggest challenges in keeping a space clean is high-traffic floor areas in hotels. High-traffic areas typically include stairwells, lobby areas, entrances and exits.

Floors require regular cleaning and finishing to retain their appearance and durability. It is important for these floors, especially noncarpeted floors, to remain visually clean and sanitised so that germs and bacteria are not given the chance to flourish.

If you have placed mats and rugs at the front of your restaurant to help reduce dirt and dust brought in by guests, it is also important to vacuum and clean them.

First impressions count – you don’t want your customers to be greeted with dirty and sticky floors!

Try our Domex Disinfectant Multi-Surface Cleaner – especially designed to remove deposits of greasy dirt and oil-based soils. The quick drying formula leaves your floors squeaky clean and without any sticky feeling. It is suitable for use on all water-resistant floors including, PVC, vitrified tiles, epoxy and rubber flooring.


Keep Bedsheets and Towels Fresh and Clean

For any establishment, providing clean bedsheets and towels can quickly become expensive: you’ve got to keep them clean enough to satisfy guests and keep on top of replacing worn or aged bedsheets and towels. Thus, it is important to keep the existing ones in tip-top condition for as long as possible.





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