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Front of House

Unilever Professional is a trusted name in providing the best cleaners for the front of house areas in various establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and retail spaces. 

Unilever Professional offers a comprehensive range of specialised front-of-house cleaners that cater to the unique cleaning needs of public-facing spaces. These products are formulated to deliver outstanding cleaning results while maintaining a polished and inviting appearance, crucial for creating a positive impression on customers, guests, and clients.

We prioritise safety and hygiene. Their front-of-house cleaners adhere to strict health and safety standards, ensuring that public areas are not only clean but also safe for customers and employees. This is especially important in settings where cleanliness and safety play a significant role in customer satisfaction.

  • HORECA Power Trio
    Save 15%

    HORECA Power Trio

    Original Price MRP Rs. 3,200.00
    Current Price Rs. 2,720.00 15% OFF
    15.0l | Rs. 181.33 / l
    In stock

    Bundle includes: 1 x Domex Disinfectant Multi-Surface Cleaner 5L 1 x Domex Disinfectant Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1 x Vim Hand Dishwash Liquid 5L A...

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  • AllUNeed Horeca Bundle
    Save 5%

    AllUNeed Horeca Bundle

    Original Price MRP Rs. 8,010.00
    Current Price Rs. 7,610.00 4% OFF
    Only 7 left!

    Bundle includes: 1x Vim Hand Dishwash Liquid 5L 1x Domex Disinfectant Toilet Bowl Cleaner 5L 1x Domex Disinfectant Multisurface Cleaner 5L 1x Dome...

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