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About Us

Unilever Professional

At Unilever, we believe business growth should not be at the expense of people and the planet. That is why we have changed the way we do business and we want to change the way business is done. Having sustainable growth as our compass, at Unilever Professional, we engineer our trusted brands for the needs of professional customers:

  • Education Facilities
  • Food Service/Restaurants
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Fitness Centers
  • Care Facilities
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Public Restrooms
  • Other Establishments

Unique in their value proposition and distinct from retail products, Unilever Professional Products are engineered to meet specific business needs for the best results with minimal effort. With trusted brands used by millions of people worldwide, Unilever Professional means having peace of mind and results you can trust.

Advancing the Cleaning Industry

Cleaning is at the Core of ALL Businesses

A clean space is usually associated with professionalism and organization. This makes cleanliness a vital aspect for most businesses to create a good first impression.

Imagine checking into a hotel room that is a mess and covered in dust. Would you, let alone your customers, continue your stay there?

Hence, professional cleaning is at the core of protecting your business. Whether you are running a school, restaurant, hotel or facility, a clean space communicates professionalism, organization and makes both your customers and staff feel comfortable and at ease, so you and your staff can take pride in providing nothing but excellent service to your customers.

The Cleaning Industry Needs Better Enforcement of New Standards for Excellence

Despite its indispensable value to businesses, cleaning is often undervalued and seen as an unskilled, lowly and menial profession. Furthermore, how cleaning is being done is often left to subjective measurements, instead of adhering to a recognized standard of cleaning. Having a standardized benchmark for what constitutes ‘clean’, by which cleaners and supervising management exercise the best cleaning practices, can help improve cleaning operations, cleaning efficiency, job motivation in cleaners and thereby improve overall business value.

There is a Need for Cleaners to be Trained & Recognized

No matter the industry, cleaning is a fundamentally human affair.

Therefore, it is important that cleaners are equipped with the knowledge and technology to help them clean better and provide the recognition they deserve to feel proud of their work.

To empower cleaners and help them feel respected for what they do, there is a need to provide the proper tools, training and education to allow them to excel at their jobs and be recognized as frontiers in their field.

Our guides and resources such as The Latest Hospitality Statistics will help you stay informed about the latest industry news, trends and techniques.

Let’s Improve the Respect for Professional Cleaners

Keeping your cleaners satisfied in their work environment by providing them with the proper training and education, helps ensure your business can function at its optimum. By harnessing recognized industry standards and trainings, cleaners will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to clean at their best and feel confident in  their work, while business owners will be able to receive the quality assurance they seek.

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