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SPIN to WIN up to 50% off when you order Cif >
SPIN to WIN up to 50% off when you order Cif >

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Clean toilets that exceed expectations

Customers judge establishments on the cleanliness of their toilets. An unclean toilet can harbour bacteria and lead to hygiene and safety concerns for your guests and staff.
From stubborn stains to bacteria buildup, our range of toilet cleaning products delivers a sparkling, hygienic finish every time.

Ensure your facilities are safe and clean for your guests

Toilet cleaner that matches your standards

Inferior toilet cleaners can lead to unhygienic and unsafe toilets. You’re left with stubborn stains, no matter how much you use. That's why we created a tailored range of cleaning products that meets the needs of the industry.

Hygiene is our priority

Our cleaners are specially formulated to handle tough jobs. These toilet cleaners are perfect for both residential and commercial bathrooms.


Our toilet cleaning products are fast-acting and safe to use. They work as thoroughly as you do to deliver the standards your customers expect.


Our range of toilet cleaners is designed to break down and remove soap scum, mineral deposits and other, tough stains.

Toilet cleaners that exceed your standards

At Unilever Professional, we know that you need a toilet cleaner that helps you maintain a high standard of cleanliness. A clean establishment gives your customers the experience that your business deserves. You and your team need products that clean efficiently, are safe to use and save you money.
Substandard toilet cleaning products often leave behind unhygienic residue and stubborn stains. This can have consequences for not only the reputation of your business but also the safety of your staff and customers. It can make you feel you’re endlessly scrubbing the same stains and never achieving the standard you expect.
Every establishment that cares about its reputation and hygiene standards deserves cleaning products that support that goal. We’re proud to sell Domex cleaners that keep toilets clean and hygienic.
We work with establishments across Mumbai to ensure they have access to toilet cleaners that achieve exceptional results.


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We were nervous about leaving our old cleaning products supplier but were really impressed with Unilever Professionals site. It makes our life easier.

Dr's Surgery

Domex Toilet & Surface Cleaner is really effective. The staff were happy with the results

Ms Vidya, CMS School

Our hotel uses Domex Floor and Toilet Bowl Cleaner and we are very happy with the quality.

Mr Barman, Hotel Golden Palace

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