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December Newsletter 2022 - Unilever Professional India

December Newsletter 2022

A topic that has had a lot of traction recently is the rise of food delivery apps in India. The food delivery app industry is arguably, one of the few industries that benefited from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apps like Zomato predict an increase in the number of orders per person per month, and to reach 80 million users in India. They predict users to order five times a month, growing from three or four orders currently. The 80 million estimation is based off the 110-120 million Indian's who shop online and so are aware of transacting online and making payments.

We're trying to determine how our Indian business customers engage with this industry:

You can read more here.



Do you remember what we asked you in our November newsletter? We asked how you were feeling about the economic outlook for your business in the next few months and here are the results:



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