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SPIN to WIN up to 50% off when you order Cif >
SPIN to WIN up to 50% off when you order Cif >

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Explore the Unilever Professional hospital housekeeping range

Don’t risk patient hygiene with inferior hospital housekeeping chemicals.

Highest quality cleaning products for your medical facility

Unilever products are safe, reliable and perfect for hospital-grade hygiene.

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Fast Delivery

Direct to your medical facility

Guaranteed Safety

Safe for patients and staff


Globally trusted brands

Trusted brands

Don’t risk patient hygiene with inferior hospital housekeeping chemicals.

Highly Effective Hygiene

From powerful multi-surface cleaners to handwash that are 99.9% effective against Covid-19, Unilever Professional products are perfect for hospital-grade hygiene.


Our range is perfect for hospitals, but also dental practices, healthcare centres and clinics of all kinds.

You can depend on Unilever Professional

Trusted brands like Domex, Lifebuoy and Cif, you can depend on Unilever Professional to support your hospital’s hygiene.


Shop now and discover the benefits of working with globally trusted brands and dedicated experts for your business

We were nervous about leaving our old cleaning products supplier but were really impressed with Unilever Professionals site. It makes our life easier.

Dr's Surgery

We've struggled to find a reliable source of cleaning products in the quantities we needed but Unilever Professional always have what we need and are super quick.


We use half as much Domex as our previous cleaning product. It's saved the hospital time and money.

Mumbai Hospital

Upgrade your hospital housekeeping in 3 simple steps:

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3. Delivery

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Hygiene-First Housekeeping Products for Hospitals

Hygiene in hospitals is critical for patient care. It has to remain consistently high, and any lapses can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. 

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