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Essential List of Supplies for Effective Janitorial Services - Unilever Professional India

Essential List of Supplies for Effective Janitorial Services

Using the right equipment is crucial in janitorial work.

This guide lists the right equipment and cleaning products for effective and efficient professional cleaning. With the proper tools and knowledge, janitors and cleaning professionals can ensure their work is done excellently.

Whether you’re a seasoned janitor, a cleaning company seeking to refine your toolkit, or simply interested in housekeeping, this guide will help you navigate the essential janitorial supplies and their uses.

Essential Cleaning Supplies for Janitors

Multi-surface Cleaners: The workhorse of janitorial supplies, multi-surface cleaners tackle a variety of surfaces and dirt types, making them an efficient choice for maintaining overall cleanliness. 

Disinfectants: Crucial for preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses, disinfectants ensure surfaces are clean and hygienically safe.

Glass Cleaners: For maintaining the clarity and cleanliness of windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces, a good glass cleaner is indispensable.

Brooms, Dustpans and Brushes: These tools are excellent for sweeping and collecting debris to maintain clean floors.

Mop and Bucket: A mainstay in any janitor’s storeroom, a mop and bucket are essential for maintaining floor cleanliness, such as hardwood, tile and concrete.

Microfibre Cloths and Dusters: These are used for dusting and wiping surfaces, capturing dirt and removing particles without damaging surfaces or leaving residue.

Gloves and Aprons: Protective gear such as gloves and aprons ensure personal safety and prevent cross-contamination during cleaning.

Trash Bags: Suitable for collecting and disposing of waste, trash bags are key in maintaining a tidy and litter-free environment.

Plunger: An essential tool for dealing with plumbing issues, a plunger creates a seal around the drain and uses the force of its movement to dislodge clogs in sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. This device can quickly clear blocked pipes and restore normal water flow, making it a crucial addition to a janitor’s toolkit for maintaining functional and clean bathrooms and kitchens. 

Specialist Cleaning Supplies

Carpet Cleaners: Designed specifically for removing stains and refreshing fibres, carpet cleaners are crucial for maintaining the aesthetic and cleanliness of carpeted areas.

Hardwood and Tile Cleaners: Tailored to protect and cleanse delicate surfaces without causing damage, these speciality cleaners are essential for maintaining the lifespan and appearance of hardwood and tile floors.

Grout and Tile Brushes: These tools are designed with narrow, stiff bristles to penetrate the small spaces in tiles and grouts, effectively removing mould, dirt, and grime.

Kitchen Cleaner: Kitchen cleaners cut through grease and grime and are perfect for worktops, floors or other places where oils and fats are common. 

Heavy-Duty Degreasers: A heavy-duty degreaser is a must-have cleaning solution for stubborn oil or grease stains in kitchen areas or industrial settings.

Upholstery Cleaners: These are designed to clean soft surfaces such as couches and chairs without damaging the fabric, maintaining cleanliness and comfort.

Odour Control Products: These include air fresheners, deodorisers, and odour eliminators, which are crucial for maintaining a fresh and pleasant-smelling environment.

Biohazard Cleaning Supplies: Specialised biohazard kits, including disposal bags, absorbent towels, and disinfectants, are essential for janitors working in a healthcare environment.

Wax Strippers: These remove old, yellowed, or worn-out wax from hard floors before a new layer of floor finish is applied. They ensure a smooth, clean surface that allows the new finish to adhere properly.

Mould and Mildew Removers: These products kill existing mould and mildew and often contain inhibitors to prevent future growth. They are useful for cleaning damp areas such as bathrooms or basements. 

Janitorial Equipment List

Vacuum Cleaners: From compact handheld models to industrial-grade units, vacuum cleaners are vital for extracting dust, dirt, and small particulates from various surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.

Floor Buffers: These machines maintain the sheen of hard floor surfaces by polishing and buffing using pads of different roughness. They also assist in scrubbing stubborn dirt and old wax before a fresh floor sealing, leaving a glossy and clean appearance.

Carpet Extractors: These machines are integral for keeping carpets clean and fresh. They spray a cleaning solution onto the carpet and extract it, along with any embedded dirt and grime, proving particularly effective for deep cleaning and stain removal.

Pressure Washers: Ideal for outdoor cleaning tasks or large indoor spaces, pressure washers use a high-pressure water jet to eradicate dirt, grime, mould, and other hard-to-remove substances from surfaces such as walls, patios, and floors.

Window Cleaning Equipment: This category encompasses:

  • Squeegees for streak-free cleaning solution removal. 
  • Extension poles for safe high-window reach. 
  • Scrubbers for applying a cleaning solution.
  • Microfiber cloths for polishing and spot cleaning. 
  • Safety equipment like harnesses and ladders for high-rise window cleaning.

Cleaning Carts: These are instrumental in transporting cleaning supplies and tools in large buildings or facilities. They typically feature trash bins and bags, shelves for supplies, and hooks for hanging mops and brooms.

Safety Signs: Safety signs, such as ‘Wet Floor’, ensure workplace safety by alerting occupants to hazards during or after cleaning.

Step Ladder: A compact and portable climbing tool necessary for tasks like changing light bulbs, reaching high shelves, or cleaning hard-to-reach areas. It ensures janitors can safely access elevated spots.

Screwdriver Set: A basic but vital tool used for many minor repair tasks, like tightening loose screws on furniture or fixtures. A set typically includes various sizes and types (flathead and Phillips) to fit different screw heads.

Wrench: Used for tasks that involve turning nuts or bolts, such as minor plumbing repairs or assembling/disassembling furniture.

Pliers: These are handy for various tasks, such as tightening fixtures, bending wires, or pulling nails.

Torch: A must-have for illuminating dark spaces like closets, basements, or areas under sinks. Some janitors might use a headlamp for hands-free operation.

Utility Knife: Useful for a multitude of tasks, from opening boxes to trimming materials.

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